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Portrait of Riley, our official greeter. China Painting on Porcelain Tile
China Painting on Small Porcelain Plate.
Before and After photos of a recent Composition Doll Repair.
A bit of Compositon Repair with a good wig cleaning and fresh styling will go a long way to make your well-loved doll ready to be displayed.
This is a Native American Ghost Dancer painted on a 16 x 20-inch porcelain tile. The first painting was started by Wendy, a student of nearly 30 years.

Wendy fought a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. This painting was her last gift to her husband. Wendy asked me to finish this painting should anything happen that prevented her from completing the Ghost Dancer. Wendy left us on May 13, 2020. After many paintings and firings I was able to complete Wendy's Ghost Dancer.

Wendy is truly be missed.
Before and After photos of a recent Porcelain Doll Repair