China Painting is a natural transition for dollmakers to progress to. Or maybe you are interested in simply learning china painting. This is a new challenge allowing you to enjoy the beauty of porcelain by working with decorative china paints and the porcelain firing process.

Basic art principles will be taught during each seminar, including line-of-design, proper use of positive and negative spaces, color value and hue. A color study and tracing will be provided for each seminar. The Instructor will provide record sheets to allow students to record colors and techniques used.

China Painting seminars can be ongoing, as there are many wonderful subjects from which to choose. Students may progress from beginner to intermediate or advanced levels.

Each student will receive a certificate at the end of each seminar and a diploma upon completion of the requirements for each level. See Certification Requirements below.

Cynthia Guilette, a renowned D.A.G. Instructor and well known authority, will be the Coordinator and exclusive Instructor for the DAGSD China Painting seminars. Cynthia has over 20 years experience and expertise both as a dollmaker and a teacher of all aspects of porcelain including china painting. 
Seminar Descriptions

NOTE: All seminars are 3 days in length unless otherwise stated.

Level I
China Painting I: Floral Study
  • The first China Painting Seminar will begin with two (2) floral designs. Students will complete the Victorian Shoe with forget-me-nots and Elegant Victorian Egg projects with wild roses.
China Painting II: Fruit Study

China Painting III: Bird Study

China Painting IV: Scenery Study

China Painting V: Specialty Techniques

Certification Requirements
One seminar day = 1 credit.

Level I: Certified China Painter:
Successful completion of Level I China Painting seminars I, II, III, IV, and V.

Level II: Certified Silver China Painter
1. Earn 15 credits for intermediate level specialty seminars.
2. Receive a red ribbon or higher in a D.A.G. qualified competition.

Level III: Certified Golden China Painter:
1. Earn 15 credits for advanced level specialty seminars.
2. Receive a blue ribbon in a D.A.G. qualified competition.

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