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Forget-me-Not's on a Lovely Victorian Porcelain Shoe.
Playful Squirrel on a Pillow Vase.
Lilacs and Roses on a Porcelain Basket
Playful Nuthatch on
Porcelain Tile.
Majestic Lion on Tile
The King of Beasts and The King of Man
An example of Special Techniques - Raised Paste and Gold.
Young Girl on Oval Porcelain Plaque
Edwardian Lady on Porcelain Plate
Oriental-Style Scene on Porcelain Tile with Lustered Background
Country Scene on Porcelain Tile
Stormy Seascape With Lighthouse on Porcelain Tile
Tiger on Porcelain Tile
Roses on Fan-Shaped Box.
Lovely Roses on the
Cover of a Round Porcelain Box
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