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Listed below are beading projects that make wonderful accesories for you or your dolls. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a pattern for these items. Beading Patterns are just $10.00 (plus shipping).
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This purse is done with Peyote Stitch and is 2-inches wide.
Victorian-style lace necklace and earrings. Will fit a doll the size of Estella.
Victorian Lace Necklace, approx. 18" in length
2 sizes of Victorian-Style Lace Earrings. Both sizes are included with the same pattern.
Page Updated Jan 22, 2021
The items shown below are designed for adults.
Petite Victorian Lace Necklace, approx. 18" in length
A really nice Classically-Styled bracelet with Peyote Beads
Looking for Mito Greenware?
Yes, we pour Mito & can ship the soft-fired greeware.